Disraeli, Benjamin. The Wondrous Tale of Alroy [vt Alroy: or, The Prince of the Captivity, a Wondrous Tale]
Divergence: c 1135 CE
Summary: The story of a 12th Century Jewish false messiah who in our history conquered some minor provinces before he was destroyed. Here, however, he founds a global empire based in Baghdad.
Comments: Dramatized as a music-drama by P.P. Grunfeld. May be the first novel-length alternate history, predating Geoffroy-Château's Napoléon et la conquête du monde, 1812-1823 by three years. However, some readers have commented that it seems more a secret history than an alternate history.
Published: Saunders and Otley 1833; Carey, Lea and Blanchard 1833; Carey and Hart 1837; Tauchnitz 1846; Routledge, Warnes, and Routledge 1859; Dunne 1904; Bradenham 1927; Knopf 1934; AMS 1976 (0404088007); and Elibron Classics 2001.
Published: Included in Alroy; Ixion in Heaven; The Infernal Marriage; Popanilla, Longmans 1878; Routledge 1878; Longmans, Green 1881, 1900, 1919; and P.F. Collier date unknown.
Original in: English.
Translation: German as David Alroy, Leiner 1862, Brandeis 1912.
Translation: Hebrew by A.A. Rakovski as Chother megeza ishay, publ. unknown 1883, 1888, 1898, 1909.
Translation: Hebrew by A. Rozet as David Alroi: sipur histori mi-tekufat ha-geonim, Barkai 1924, 1935; Yizreel 1950, 1954.
Translation: Hebrew by Eliyau Amikam as Alroi, Friedman 1952.
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Grunfeld, P.P. Alroy; A Music-drama, in Four Acts
Comments: Adaptation of Benjamin Disraeli's novel Alroy, q.v., with music by Bernard De Lisle.
Published: Women's Printing Society 1907.