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Alkon, Paul J. "Alternate History and Postmodern Temporality"

Alkon, Paul J. "From Utopia to Uchronia: L'An 2440 and Napoléon Apocryphe"

Anderson, Kevin J. "The Trinity Paradox: Basing a Fictional World on Historical Reality… Almost"

Andersson, Lars M., and Ulf Zander. "Om 'Om-berättelser'. Historia, fiktion och kontrafaktisk historieskrivning"

Angenot, Marc, Darko Suvin, and Jean-Marc Gouanvic. "L'uchronie, histoire alternative et science-fiction"

Ash, Brian (ed.). The Visual History of Science Fiction

Benford, Gregory. "Preface: Imagining the Abyss"

Black, Jeremy. Other Pasts, Different Presents, Alternative Futures

Boireau, Jacques. "La machine à ralentir le temps"

Brie, Marc-André. "Quelques repéres pour une bibliographie de l'uchronie"

Brown, Charles N. "Harry Turtledove: Revisioning History"

Brown, Charles N. "Howard Waldrop: Fly Fishing for Stories"

Brown, Charles N. "Joan Aiken: Wolves and Alternate Worlds"

Brown, Charles N. "Michael Swanwick: Of All Plausible Worlds"

Brown, Charles N. "Tom Shippey: A Man of Many Parts"

Brownlow, Kevin. How It Happened Here: The Making of a Film

Le Brun, Claire. "Les chansons de geste: la tentation de l'uchronie au moyen âge"

Burgos López, Campo Ricardo. Pintarle bigote a la Mona Lisa: Las ucronías

Campbell, Christy. "The shrinking of Fatherland"

Campeis, Bertrand, and Karine Gobled. Le guide de l'uchronie

Carrègre, Emmanuel. Le détroit de Behring: Introduction à l'uchronie: Essai

Carter, Paul A. The Creation of Tomorrow: Fifty Years of Magazine Science Fiction

Catani, Vittorio. "Di cosa parlavamo quando parlavamo di Ucronia"

Chamberlain, Gordon B. "Afterword: Allohistory in Science Fiction"

Chapman, Edgar L., and Carl B. Yoke (eds.). Classic and Iconoclastic Alternate History Science Fiction

Chiavini, Roberto. "Storia alternativa degli Stati Uniti d'America"

Clute, John. "Hitler Wins"

Cohen, Doron. "Historya cefi sheychola hayta lieyot"

Collins, William Joseph. Paths Not Taken: The Development, Structure, and Aesthetics of the Alternative History

Corbeil, Pierre. "L'uchronie: une ancienne science inspire un nouveau sous-genre"

Cron, Thomas. "Christianity in Alternate History"

Crossen, Cynthia. "'What Ifs' Don't Thrill Historians, but They Raise Intriguing Issues"

Dahlberg, Rasmus. "Kleopatras Naese"

Dale, David. "If the losers had won…"

Dann, Jack. The Fiction Writer's Guide to Alternate History: A Handbook on Craft, Art, and History

Demandt, Alexander. Ungeschehene Geschichte: Ein Traktat über die Frage, Was wäre geschehen, wenn…?

Disraeli, Isaac D. "Of a History of Events Which Have Not Happened"

Dudek, Duane. "Old stories, new boundaries: What-if questions are answered in different worlds"

Duncan, Andy. "Alternate History"

Edwards, Michael J., and Brian Stableford. "Time Paradoxes"

Eshed, Eli. Metarzan vead Zbeng

Eshed, Eli. "Skira shell historiot alternativiot leorech ahistoria"

Evans, Richard J. Altered Pasts: Counterfactuals in History

Fabriani, Lanfranco. "Ucronia"

Fadness, Fern Bryant. "What If Booth's Bullet Had Missed Lincoln?"

Fadness, Fern Bryant. "What If Napoleon Had Won at Waterloo?"

Fadness, Fern Bryant. "What If the British Had Won the Revolutionary War?"

Fadness, Fern Bryant. "What If the South Had Won the Civil War?"

Feeley, Gregory. "The Way It Wasn't: How what-if history grew from a minor literary curiosity to a bestselling genre of popular fiction"

Ferguson, Niall. "Introduction: Virtual History: Towards a 'chaotic' theory of the past"

Gallagher, Catherine. Telling It Like It Wasn't: The Counterfactual Imagination in History and Fiction

García Bilbao, Pedro A. "Literatura fantística española, ucronías e historia alternativa"

Geus, Klaus. "Hitlers vergeblicher Kampf. Ein Beitrag zum Thema Nationalismus und Science Fiction"

Gevers, Nicholas. Mirrors of the Past: Versions of History in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Giordano, Ralph. Wenn Hitler den Krieg gewonnen hätte: Die Plane der Nazis nach dem Endsig

Gouanvic, Jean-Marc. "Pourquoi un 'Spécial Uchronie'"

Gouanvic, Jean-Marc. "Québec uchronie"

Grasso, Francesco. "Le avventure di Conrad Stargard"

Gunn, Eileen. "The Difference Dictionary"

Hacker, Barton C., and Gordon B. Chamberlain. "Pasts that Might Have Been"

Hacker, Barton C., and Gordon B. Chamberlain. "Pasts that Might Have Been, II: A Revised Bibliography of Alternative History"

Harrison, Harry. "Worlds Beside Worlds"

Helbig, Jörg. Der parahistorische Roman. Ein literarhistorischer und gattungstypologischer Beitrag zur Allotopieforschung

Hellekson, Karen. The Alternate History: Refiguring Historical Time

Hellekson, Karen. "Towards a Taxonomy of the Alternate History Genre"

Henriet, Éric B. L'histoire revisitée: Panorama de l'Uchronie sous toutes ses formes

Henriet, Éric B. L'uchronie

Honan, William H. "Historians Warming To Games Of 'What If'"

Hook, Sidney. The Hero in History: A Study in Limitation and Possibility

Ivanov, Valentin. "Alternativnata istoriya — sirache s tri mashtexi"

Jørgensen, Stig W. "Alternativ verdenshistorie — Historier om alternative verdener"

Kelly, Stuart. "When novels change history"

Leccia, Pierre. "Uchronie: l'histoire detournée"

Leeper, Evelyn C. "A Discussion of Likely Change Points for Alternate Realities, Universes and Histories"

Lem, Stanislaw. "The Time-Travel Story and Related Matters of SF Structuring"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Alternativas à Brasileira"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Américas Alternativas — Pré-Colombianos Alternativos"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Cinema Alternativo"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Com a Palavra, o Leitor"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Futebol Alternativo"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "História Sertaneja Alternativa"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Histórias Antigas Alternativas"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Histórias Naturais Alternativas"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Paralelos vs. Alternativos"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Peste Negra Alternativa"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Preferência Nacional Norte-Americana"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Roma Alternativa"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Segunda Guerra Mundial — Os Enredos Clássicos"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Segunda Guerra Mundial — Os Enredos Modernos"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. Terras Alternativas

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Um Historiador Alternativo"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Universos Paralelos vs. Alternativos: Existe Diferença"

Lodi-Ribeiro, Gerson. "Vampiros Alternativo"

Mallon, Thomas. "Never Happened: Fictions of alternative history"

McHale, Brian. Postmodernist Fiction

McKnight, Edgar Vernon, Jr. Alternative History: The Development of a Literary Genre

Miller, Michael. "Alternate history a special challenge"

Miller, Michael. "What If? Alternate history novels put a spin on the past"

Miranda, Joseph. "The March of Alternative History"

Moehle, Armin. "Vergessene Welten"

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