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Silver, Steven H, and Joshua Palmatier. Alternate Peace. Zombies Need Brains 2019.

Silver, Steven H, and Joshua Palmatier (eds.). Alternate Peace
Summary: Anthology of stories based on different outcomes of peaceful events, including Elektra Hammond's "O-Rings", Dale Cozort's "A Dad Ought to Have Nightmares", Harry Turtledove's "Election Day", C.W. Briar's "A Find Line, Indeed", Rick Wilber's "Donny Boy", Juliet E. McKenna's "The Echoes of a Shot", Michael Robertson's "What Makes a Better World", Kat Otis's "Field of Cloth of Gold and Blood, Sweat and Tears", Kristine Kathryn Rusch's "Politicians, Lost Causes, and Abigail Lockwood", Brian Hugenbruch's "Or, the Modern Psyche", Stephen Leigh's "Easter Rising", Elizabeth Kite's "The Sisters of the Hallowed Marsh", Ian R. MacLeod's "Selkie", Mike Barretta's "New Moon, Dark Skies", and Kari Sperring's "His Master's Voice".
Published: Zombies Need Brains 2019 (1940709261BUY).