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Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate Presidents. Tor 1992.

Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate Anthologies
Series note: Five anthologies published between 1992 and 1997, including Alternate Presidents, Alternate Kennedys, Alternate Warriors, Alternate Outlaws and Alternate Tyrants. Note that during this period Resnick also edited Alternate WorldCons and Again, Alternate WorldCons, q.v.; By Any Other Fame, q.v., with Martin H. Greenberg; and Alternate Skiffy, q.v., with Patrick Nielsen Hayden.

Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate Presidents
Comments: New stories involving American elections, including Pat Cadigan's "Dispatches from the Revolution", J. Carr's "The War of '07", Jack L. Chalker's "Now Falls the Cold, Cold Night", G.E. Cox's "The More Things Change…", Barbara Delaplace's "No Other Choice", Thomas A. Easton's "Black Earth and Destiny", Bill Fawcett's "Lincoln's Charge", David Gerrold's "The Impeachment of Adlai Stevenson", Alexis A. Gilliland's "Demarche to Iran", Eileen Gunn's "Fellow Americans", Janet Kagan's "Love Our Lockwood", Tappan King's "Patriot's Dream", Michael P. Kube-McDowell's "I Shall Have a Flight to Glory", Barry N. Malzberg's "Kingfish", Barry N. Malzberg's "Heavy Metal", J. Moffett's "Chickasaw Slave", J. Nimersheim's "A Fireside Chat", Jody Lyn Nye's "The Father of His Country", L. Person's "Huddled Masses", Laura Resnick's "We Are Not Amused", Mike Resnick's "The Bull Moose at Bay", R. Roberts "How the South Preserved the Union", Kristine Kathryn Rusch's "Fighting Bob", Robert Sheckley's "Dukakis and the Aliens", Susan Shwartz's "Suppose They Gave a Peace", Martha Soukup's "Plowshare", Brian M. Thomsen's "Paper Trail", and Lawrence Watt-Evans's "Truth, Justice, and the American Way".
Published: Tor 1992 (0812511921BUY) and SFBC 1992.

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Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate Kennedys. Tor 1992.

Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate Kennedys
Comments: New stories, including M. Aronson's "President-Elect", Pat Cadigan's "No Prisoners", George Alec Effinger's "Prince Pat", Esther Friesner's "Told You So", David Gerrold's "The Kennedy Enterprise", R. Katze's "Bobbygate", Michael P. Kube-McDowell's "The Inga-Binga Affair", Barry N. Malzberg's "In the Stone House", Laura Resnick's "A Fleeting Wisp of Glory", Mike Resnick's "Lady in Waiting", Kristine Kathryn Rusch's "The Best and the Brightest", Martha Soukup's "Rosemary's Brain", Judith Tarr's "Them Old Hyannis Blues", and C. Von Rospach's "'Til Death Do Us Part".
Published: Tor 1992 (0812519558BUY).

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Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate Warriors. Tor 1993.

Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate Warriors
Comments: New stories, including Barbara Delaplace's "Standing Firm", Nicholas DiChario's "Extreme Feminism", Bill Fawcett's "Zealot" Esther Friesner's "Jane's Fighting Ships", David Gerrold's "The Firebringers", Jack C. Haldeman's "Death of a Dream", Lea Hernandez's "Al Einstein—Nazi Smasher!", Tappan King's "The Mark of the Angel", Michael P. Kube-McDowell's "Because Thou Lovest the Burning-Ground", Mercedes Lackey's "Jihad", Anthony R. Lewis's "…But the Sword!", Brad Linaweaver's "Unmerited Favor", Barry N. Malzberg's "Fugato", Maureen F. McHugh's "Tut's Wife", Beth Meacham's "One by One", Laura Resnick's "The Vatican Outfit", Mike Resnick's "Mwalimu in the Squared Circle", Kristine Kathryn Rusch's "The Arrival of Truth", Michelle Sagara's "For Love of God", Lawrence Schimel's "Taking Action", Josepha Sherman's "Monsieur Verne and the Martian Invasion", Judith Tarr's "Queen of Asia", Brian M. Thomsen's "A Sense of Loyalty, a Sense of Betrayal", and Mel White's "Sam Clemens and the Notable Mare".
Published: Tor 1993 (0812523466BUY).

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Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate Outlaws. Tor 1994.

Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate Outlaws
Comments: New stories, with allohistorical entries: Barbara Delaplace's "Painted Bridges", Nicholas DiChario's "Giving Head", George Alec Effinger's "Shootout at Gower Gulch", David Gerrold's "What Goes Around", Tappan King's "The Crimson Rose", K. Koja and Barry N. Malzberg's "Literary Lives", Maureen F. McHugh's "The Ballad of Ritchie Valenzuela", Beth Meacham's "A Spark in the Darkness", Jack Nimersheim's "#2, With a Bullet", Laura Resnick's "Saint Frankie", Frank M. Robinson's "One Month in 1907", Kristine Kathryn Rusch's "Common Sense", Robert Sheckley's "Miranda", Janni Lee Simner's "Learning Magic", Martha Soukup's "Good Girl, Bad Dog", Allen Steele's "Riders in the Sky", Judith Tarr's "Cowards Die: A Tragicomedy in Several Fits", Brian M. Thomsen's "Bigger Than U.S. Steel", and Walter Jon Williams's "Red Elvis".
Published: Tor 1994 (0812533445BUY).

Resnick, Mike (ed.). Alternate Tyrants
Comments: New stories, including Mark Bourne's "Boss", Nicholas DiChario's "Dao De Qing", Gregory Feeley's "The Crab Lice", Adrienne Gormley's "Children of Tears", Roland J. Green's "The King of Poland's Foot Cavalry", Jack C. Haldeman and Delaplace's "That'll Be The Day", Karawynn Long's "And Make Death Proud to Take Us", Robert A. Lupoff's "Jubilee", Maureen F. McHugh's "The Lincoln Train", Lyn Nichols's "Mahogany Dreams", Jack Nimersheim's "The Rising Sun at Dusk", Frank M. Robinson's "Causes", Louise Rowder's "The Symmetry of Duty", Lawrence Schimel's "A Stable Relationship", Brian M. Thomsen's "Infallibility, Obedience, and Acts of Contrition", and Edo van Belkom's "The October Crisis".
Published: Tor 1997 (0812548353BUY).