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Brunner, John. Times Without Number. Ace 1969.
Cover art
Brunner, John. Times Without Number. Ballantine 1983.

Brunner, John. Times Without Number
Divergence: 1588 CE
What if: The Spanish Armada conquered England.
Summary: 400 years later, a plot is afoot to destroy the Spanish empire via time-travel.
Published: Ace Double #volume unknown, Ace 1962; exp., rev. Ace 1969 (0441812708); and Ballantine 1983 (0345306791BUY).
— Fixup of 1) "Spoil of Yesterday", in Science Fiction Adventures, March 1962; 2) "The Word Not Written", in Science Fiction Adventures, June 1962; and 3) "The Fullness of Time", in Science Fiction Adventures, July 1962.
Original in: English.
Translation: Nederlands by M.K. Struyter as Het Rijk van de Tijd, Meulenhoff 1967.
Translation: French by Bernard Blanc and Dominique Brotot as A perte de temps, Opta 1984 (2720101990).
Translation: German by Horst Mayer as Sturz in die Wirklichkeit, Pabel 1967.
Translation: German by Heinz Peter Lehnert as Im Chaos der Zeit, Möwig 1972.
Translation: German by Biggy Winter as Zeiten ohne Zahl, Heyne 1985 (3453312260).
Translation: Italian by Vittorio Curtoni and Gianni Montanari as La società del tempo, La Tribuna 1970.